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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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New Madison Park Facebook Group
Posted on Apr 19th, 2019
Madison Park HOA
- Select the magnifying glass on any Face Book page
- Type "Madison Park HOA"
- Select “Groups” on the top menu
If on cell phone: Select "•••" then select groups           
- Select Madison Park HOA to join
Important Century Link Contact Information
Posted on Jan 24th, 2019
Customer Service and Billing: 866-706-4722
Repair and Help Desk: 877-720-3416
Homeowner Contact Information
Posted on Aug 19th, 2017
Homeowners, please refer to the Property Management page for contacts to direct your questions concerning account charges and payments and for questions about HOA and property management issues.
Home Sale Applications and Estoppel Information
Posted on Jul 31st, 2017
Homeowners Note - For all applications and estoppel questions and information, please contact Raquel Perez at South West Property Management at 239-261-3440 ext 142 or at 
Access Madison Park Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
Posted on Jul 30th, 2013
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Madison Park HOA 2019 Proposed Meeting Dates
Wednesday, January 9th to Tuesday, December 31st, 6:00PM at See Below
Proposed Madison Park HOA Meeting Dates for 2019 are as follows:
11/19/19 Board Meeting and Budget Approval at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
BOD Meeting Agenda for November 19, 2019
Sunday, November 10th to Tuesday, December 10th
The Board of Directors of the Madison Park Homeowners Association, Inc. will meet on the following date, time and place:
DATE:   Tuesday, November 19, 2019
TIME:   6:00 P.M.
Place:  Plantation Community
7771 Tara Ct., Naples, FL
1.   Call to Order
2.   Proof of Notice & Determination of Quorum
3.   Reading & Approval of Minutes from all prior meetings
4.   Reports:
      a) Treasurer’s Report
      b) Manager’s Report
      c) ARC
      d) Covenants
5.   Ratifications:
      a) Mike’s Irrigation Estimate for filter housings
6.    Old business:
       a) Vote to approve ARC proposed new exterior paint color list.  
7.    New Business: 
       a)  2020 Budget approval
       b)  Earth Tech Environmental, LLC proposal for 2020/21 preserve maintenance
      in the amount of $29,000.00
       c)  Lease approval procedures
       d)  Legal Update
8.    Open Discussion              
9.    Adjournment    
Proposed 2020 Meeting Dates
Sunday, November 10th to Thursday, December 31st
Propose Madison Park HOA Meeting Dates for 2020 are as follows:
1/21/20   Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
2/11/20   Annual Members Meeting and Elections at 6:00 PM New Hope Ministries
3/24/20   Board Meeting 6:00 PM Location: (to Be announced)
4/21/20   Board Meeting 6:00 PM Location: (to Be announced)
5/19/20   Board Meeting 6:00 PM Location: (to Be announced)
6/16/20   Board Meeting 6:00 PM Location: (to Be announced)