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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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Important Century Link Contact Information
Posted on Jan 24th, 2019 Comments (0)
Members, here is some important Century Link Contact Information:
Customer Service and Billing: 866-706-4722
Repair and Help Desk: 877-720-3416
Each Member has an Account Number. You should be able to obtain this number from Customer Service, Provide your name and address.
There are several members who have not yet had Century Link service installed in their homes. To schedule installation, call 239-213-7529 or email Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.
Posted on Jan 8th, 2019 Comments (0)
We have been notified by our pump maintenance technician that our ponds are getting so low that we may have to turn our irrigation We may need to cut our watering times in half or cut back to 2 days
a week.  If you have any new sod or plants installed, please be sure to hand water these areas to help. Hopefully we do not lose any landscaping. As soon as we start getting good consistent rain, we will go back to our normal watering cycle.  The board and I would like to thank you for your courtesy and cooperation with this matter.
Important Information on Homeowner Delinquent Accounts
Posted on Nov 27th, 2018 Comments (0)
Per Florida statute, any homeowner that is 90 days or more in arrears to the Association can have amenities suspended. Our documents actually require only 30 or more days delinquent, but per legal counsel, we were advised to go with the 90 day Florida Statute. With Comcast cable service, the Association did not have the ability, but with Century Link, we do. Please do not let your account go delinquent or you could lose your cable and internet. Those of you who are already in this situation of 90 days or greater delinquent, please make sure that full cleared payment is in to Southwest Property Management by 12/31/18. Full payment includes any late fees, interest, and attorney fees that you may have accrued. If you do not, your cable and internet will be turned off until your account is cleared.
Storm Drains are for Rain Water Only
Posted on Apr 11th, 2018 Comments (0)
The dumping of raw sewage is not permitted in Collier County. Also, NOTHING is permitted to be dumped into the storm water system as it is not treated. "Only rain down the drain". Sewage must go into the septic system (your toilet). Soiled clothing can be discarded in the trash. This includes pet poop bags. They are to be disposed of in the trash. The storm drains drain into our lakes and anything other than rain water causes pollution and/or a health hazard. How do you recognize a storm drain? They are the ones where the openings are on the side of the road. There is a cover on them that says "STORM".
ARC Message - Hurricane Irma Important Update
Posted on Feb 7th, 2018 Comments (0)
Dear Community Owners,
In the aftermath of Irma, the ARC wishes to remind community owners that we do have rules and regulations that must be, "when in doubt, fill it out".
ROOFS (revised 5/21/18)
No prior approval is required from the ARC for the community owner to repair a roof with the existing tiles and/or adhesive/cement. Must be color matching. 
The ARC realizes that many homes have roof damage and are being replaced. Unfortunately, the current roof tiles are not available. Therefore, the ARC has come up with the following guidelines:
Roof Changes
1. An ARC request is required for roof changes.
2. The replacement roof needs to be the current concrete tiles. The style may be Flat (smooth), Single S, and Double Barrel.
3, Color needs to be of the neighborhood neutral existing pallet. See approved list on ARC page.
4. Dumpsters must be in the driveway.
5. If overnight street parking is necessary, Southwest Property Management must be notified.
6. Roofing companies' signage may only be visible while they are actually working.
Thank you.
Homeowner Contact Information
Posted on Aug 19th, 2017 Comments (0)
Homeowners, please refer to the Property Management page for contacts to direct your questions concerning account charges and payments and for questions about HOA and property management issues.
Home Sale Applications and Estoppel Information
Posted on Jul 31st, 2017 Comments (0)
Homeowners Note - For all applications and estoppel questions and information, please contact Raquel Perez at South West Property Management at 239-261-3440 ext 142 or at 
Important Message from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2015 Comments (0)
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Access Madison Park Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
Posted on Jul 30th, 2013 Comments (0)
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Madison Park HOA 2019 Proposed Meeting Dates
Wednesday, January 9th to Tuesday, December 31st, 6:00PM at See Below
Proposed Madison Park HOA Meeting Dates for 2019 are as follows:
4/23/19 Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
5/21/19 Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
6/18/19 Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
10/22/19 Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse
Budget Workshop to be Determined
11/19/19 Board Meeting and Budget Approval at 6:00 PM at Plantation Community Clubhouse