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Proposed BOD Meeting Dates
Sunday, November 10th to Saturday, December 30th
Propose Madison Park HOA Meeting Dates are as follows:
3/20/23    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
4/10/23    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
5/15/23    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
7/17/23    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
9/18/23    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
11/20/23  BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
1/15/24    BOD Meeting (6PM NHM room 208)
2/19/24    Annual Meeting (6PM NHM room 211)
Quarterly Maintenance Due Dates
Monday, May 25th to Saturday, December 30th
Quarterly Maintenance payments for all owners are due to Anchor Associates the first of the months listed below:
  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October
All owners will receive an invoice with their current balance due via email or mail, as you selected on your information sheet.  Please contact Anchor Associates directly at 239 649-6357 if you would like to change how you receive your invoices.